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I cannot find the Portuguese version for windows


The link is on the main page, under "Translations". Is it not working?

no, it is not.

The link seems to work correctly on my end. What error are you encountering?

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Hey GigaSaddle, thank you so much for making or letting someone make a version in Portuguese, I'm really loving it and many others too, it's very rare to find a VN in Portuguese, thank you again, I'm even going to become a Patreon after seeing this. I'm Brazilian and Portuguese is my first language and it's really nice to read without worrying about not understanding something



I miss this game. I have this game to thank for introducing me to my all-time favorite music track "What Could Appear," which made several scenes in this VN unforgettable. The character development and world building is commendable also. I am eager to learn more about this world and its lore and magic system.




Also I love everything about this game, art, music, writing, never give up on this or I'm going to simply die


No worries. There will be an update soon~

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I decided to download the newest update to this story after having not played it since about a year ago. I have to admit, despite how long it's been I came back to the story remembering almost everything from the last time I'd read it. The newest stuff since I'd seen it last was interesting too, though I have to admit what happened to Jym scared me. Still, I look forward to seeing more of the story.

ok so i'm sorry but there is one flaw in the pervaders. The Mein is well if it's meant to prevent one from harming/killing others or even just other pervaders then well they would have to either come to a compromise to get the dagger or give it to Alen to study.

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Pervaders not being able to attack each other In general seems like a fatal story flaw. 

Doesn't really add anything and only limits the story possibilities.

nah. They can attack each other. But if with intent to kill then it becomes a problem. Now while not giving them the dagger is not with the intent to kill, knowing they can kill those afflicted is well = to knowing you're killing them thus same as intent. It's not the same as accidentally killing someone as they had no intent on killing and didn't even know it'd kill.


Can't wait for the next update!!


Can't wait for the next update, this was great

Its Been month since the last Update when is the next Update? 


My new year's resolution will be to get an update out in January.


🤞Fingers crossed that you'll be able to get one out by then! Don't push yourself though!


its been a long time  i wanted to see how you have been doing and what you up to


I'm sorry for asking this but it's been on my mind for the last couple of days. What species is Alen? Is he a bear? An otter? A beaver?


Alen is a brown bear.


Thanks for the answer!


Is this completed

Is this good

Is there nsfw

Are there s3x scenes?




Not yet





Depends what story you boot up (side stories yes, main story not yet)

Same as 3rd answer

I forgot one thing does it have routes?

Nope, It's linear. But at some point you do have the choice to spend some time with one of your companions


I completely and utterly forgot about the side stories. My bad!


what is the song in the main screen?


A Revelation by Jeremy Blake.

Check the Credits section in the main menu for more music info.


Really love this VN I didn't like Jymsar that much in the begging but the more I read I started to like him more and more and I played this for like 2 hours a day so that it feels longer (for me at least). Definitely putting this in my waiting list for VN that I read hopefully an update does eventually come.

Yeah, i didnt even noticed how much Jymsar had grown until like, 3/4 of the story


I'll be honest, i underestimate this game and have been putting it aside for long despite having it downloaded. Now that i finished reading it, i truly love everything about this VN. 

The worldbuilding is amazing. The plot, the dialogue, the narration, the characters... i really really enjoy reading it. Not to mention all characters have pretty attractive design, even the side characters (Damn you for not making Everwind dateable). I'm really looking forward for more updates of this game, especially more Reamus/Jymsar romance development lol


This one took me a little longer to get into because of the sheer amount of world-building that needed to be done upfront, but once the main plot got rolling, I was hooked. I felt like the character development almost snuck up on me. I went from not liking Jymsar at all at the beginning to crying when he was bedridden. I was shocked when I realized just how much I'd come to care about that panther.


Actually same! Honestly i was pretty bored reading it at first, but my guts keep telling me 'hey dont uninstall it yet just give it a chance' and im so glad i eventually picked it up again lmao once the plot kicks in, i was hooked too and spend all day reading it! And yeah, i was pretty eugh at Jymsar at first but after his route i was like okay he need to live happily evee after with Reamus


Saaaame! I didnt even realized when the hate turned into love towards Jymsar


There's very few if any FVN, which can compare to Pervader's outstanding writing. GigaSaddle is saying he wants to improve on his artistic skills. Imagine that... Although the character sprites might not be perfect, they are well above avarage already. And I don't think it's even necessary to talk about the backgrounds.

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Hey s a d d l e are you still only planning on doing a little bit more because I really want to know what happens fully when you pick either side even though I care for the bear more for some reason LOL 


We'll get back to regular updates soon. The next version may be released early January, but we'll see.

Still great little updates to keep me tickling along 😁


Its a cool vn


Crying about the bear? Couldn't be me ;)

Noooo i forgot about this!! 😭


GigaSaddle: "Pervader is a one-man effort, so I apologize if the updates don't come fast enough."

Some people: "I'll pretend I didn't see that"

it's not like people have other obligations and motivations, pfft, that can't be right?


Yeah, and it's not like Patreon takes a 30% cut. Right? Not only this, Pervader is rather underappreciated on Patreon compared to other projects, even though it has nearly 900 reviews on itch? That makes no sense. Hopefully people will swarm to Patreon once regular updates are happening again!


i had a dream where pervader was an anime and jymsar sounded like zuko.

it was kinda hot


where is the next update plxxxxxxxxx


Not yet!


Great, looking forward to the next update!


Reamus is just like 'him' (if you know what I mean) but more muscular. Aren't cougar and mountain-lion same?

Anyways, please tell me that we can see Reamus' face other than in the beginning of the story (when he's cleaning himself)!

Deleted 74 days ago

I don't really know why you got downvoted, it wasn't me. The puma is the main character, the one in the first picture.


I'm playing back through this for the first time in a year or so and I forgot how cute Jymsar is.

If you like him so much you will definitely like Loken from the new FVN Soulcreek as well. However, for now I appreciate Jymsar a bit more.

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This might sound weird but when I chose to stay with the bear I figured he the main character would tell him that they like them not end up caring for the Panther unless I am reading it wrong also what is going on with this is it on Hiatus or canceled just wondering


Brief hiatus while I work on improving my art skills.

thank you for letting me know because I stumbled upon your visual well waiting for a couple that I read on the regular got to say it definitely remind me of Dragon Age 


I sure do miss Pervader. Hope you return soon to add the next part of the story. I felt your art skills were phenomenal already. And your plot is awesome. Keeps me on the edge of my seat. Hope all is well.

<3 I thought it was canceled too. Happy with the experiences I've had with it, and looking forward to more if/when it comes.

One of his latest replies above promises regular updates again, soon! There hasn't been any news on Patreon, though, unfortunately. Also, for some reason Giga decided to work on a new game called Horny Gaol. I just hope it works out for both games, but especially Pervader since that's what we know.


I heard about Horny Gaol either in Patreon or Discord, and I'm looking forward to getting to try that too. I had assumed Giga was stopping Pervader entirely to move forward with that, but a Pervader update is always good news.

Your art skills are already exceptional. Looking at the backgrounds of each scene is like entering a museum. But I admit some of the characters could use a couple of minor improvements/adjustments. 


Is there a consequence for choosing jymsar at ayan's road like will alen wont find a cure cause i went with jymsar?


I think its just that you chose jymsars route

Nope, the final is the same. But i recommend playing both routs :)


Is there nsfw pics in this game?


If you go to main menu and click Simulacrum you will get The option of two side stories which are short and have nsfw pics

Not in the main story


Hey, anyone else having trouble installing the APK in android? It won't even open the installer for me for some reason

What happens when you try to install it?

Have you tried installing other APK files to see if the issue is with the device?

It's only happening with ur file, I'm not really sure why. 

For some reason when I try to install ur game it doesn't open the android installer, while any other apk from the site does work. 

If u need anything more specific u can ask me 

Can you try accessing the apk file through a different means and see what happens? Try using a different file manager.

Also make sure you have enough storage space to install it.

Yeah after downloading an app to install apks from the play store it ended up installing it. Still pretty weird though, I've installed plenty other apks from here on my phone and this is the first time this has happened. 

Thanks for your help =) 


I downloaded the new 0.16 update, but it ends shortly after Jymsar woke up and he and the MC went outside at night to talk, just like in 0.15. Is there suppose to be more after that on this update?

No. The update only added Jymsar's part of the story up until that point.

Ok, Thanks.

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everytime it appears a notification on my email presenting a new update of Pervader my heart palpitates in hapiness! This visual novel is just incredible, and has been my personal fantasy world since several months. thanks, GigaSaddle!

Thank you!


I can't express how much I love this VN. Everytime I play it I cry. It's so well done, the music is awesome, the ambiance is breath-taking and the characters feel so real!!

I'll be waiting patiently everyday for the next update until the end.

Thanks !!


I appreciate your patience!

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I clearly felt this update, I was so much into the reading that I forgot myself in the dark, reading every single word. mainly when Marchedon said the only difference which matters is the weight upon our shoulders

Well, thank you for this update


Thank you!

stop praying


The first and the last time we see Reamus's face and body....


I mean, I never see Reamus anymore after he takes bath in the prologue...


Even after reading, I don't really understand how magic works in this world lol

Maybe it's all in the frens we met along the way.

Is this a romance novel??


praying patiently for jymsar's update to have some romantic interactions with and indeed learn more about the good story

Idk if this is only an issue for me but I can't open the android version of this game on my phone.

What happens when you try to open the game?

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