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I do have some nitpicks with the MC personality, yet WOW. The writing in this put some other VN to shame. Also... Jymsar is best boy.


what percent of the total story has been completed with the latest version?


We're about 1/3 of the way through.

How to download the recent update without downloading everything all over again? It's kinda eating up my  laptop space

delete the older versions once you download the newest one

You can safely delete older versions without losing your save files, because your save files are located somewhere else on desktop.

(Uninstalling on Android will remove your save files though.)

where are located the save files?


If you're on Windows, it should be in:


If you're on Mac, it should be in:



You can change the save file name in android and then safely delete the game without losing the save file.... Install the new one and change the save file back into its original name

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the funniest part of my experience with Pervader is that ive started playing, mistakenly, on the Marshall's simulacrum content... and i actually thought we would have something with him in the story lol

although this game is stunning!!! omg ive never played such a well-made visual novel before, the story is very envolving as well the characters, and ive just discovered this beautiful game yesterday

keep making this masterpiece (and opportunities for us to have more reamus x jymsar) ! i beg you


Make sure you go with Jymsar then ;)

rfenijgegjn my heart told me to follow him but my mind tell me i had to go with big boio now you make me change my mind <_> now i'm going to replay the game shame on you (i'm joking)

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thats the plan honey

and, by the way, i must compliment your soundtrack choice! all the songs are marvelous and send me deep into the story, giving me some 'life is strange' vibes 

when the hell will we be getting romance between them two tho? please say its soon i am in love with this guy

will there be more characters added/scenes in the simulacrum?

Not for a while. I'm not trying to do regular simulacrum updates anymore, but I do want to return to it sometime in the future. When I do get back to it, I'll probably do a continuation to one of the two stories that exist already.

oh good to know the main story is great already keep up the good work

Can somebody tell me where to find the bonus folder? 0.o

Do i have to download it from somewhere or...? 


If you're on desktop, it's right there in the folder with the game executable.

If you're on Android, that might be too complicated. I'd recommend accessing the game on desktop, or wait until next update and the bonus content should be accessible in-game.


I've heard people talking highly about some of the songs in the game. In case you want to listen to them, here's a few of them:


What Could Appear:


Porches and Universes:


Little Drunks, Quiet Floats:


Doll Dancing:

Hello Gigasaddle, thank you for such a wonderful game. I'm loving the story so far and that characters have a lot of depth. I unfortunately recently tried downloading the most recent Android version, but after downloading I keep getting an error message that says I can't open the file for some reason.

Could be that your download was corrupted. You could try downloading the file again. Also make sure your android allows installing unknown apk files.

Guys, I finished Alen's fanart, posted it on Twitter @ThalysYukio123, I hope you like it. (I think I posted it, hahah sorry I'm new to Twitter)

Thank you! That's a really cool Alen



Uma fanart do Alen que eu estou fazendo, e quando acabar vou postar no Twitter, e quando eu terminar gente gostaria que vocês fossem dar uma olhada ❤❤


Hello Giga. Thank you for your last update. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Thanks for prioritizing a good story PLUS the nsfw content. It is very rewarding precisely because of your writing, which makes the relationships shine. 

I'm eager to see where all of this goes. 

pd. One question, though. Is there somewhere I could brush up on past events? I tend to forget very easily. Cheers mate

Not sure what you mean exactly by 'brush up on past events.' Do you mean a summary of the story thus far, or like the history of Pellenein?

Either way, I'm afraid I don't have a solution yet. I'd like to add a glossary to Pervader at some point that gives more context to the story and setting, but that's not a priority right now.

How can I open the new version? Should I download all of them again?

You have to download just one of the versions depending on your operating system or device (Windows, Android, Mac or Linux). They're all up to date at version number 0.10.1.

Then you have to extract the files anywhere, or install the app if you're using Android. Note that if you're installing on Android over an older version, it may delete your save files.

It's awesome

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Noshana is the cutest thing!! I have been loving this VN since February 2021, when I first discovered it!


(Spoilers) thought dating sim was in the genre in the about section for this game, where is the love moments, I thought when I was sleeping with Jymsar, in the tent when I chose him over Alen and went on the journey with him to the place where Umbral is, that I would get to snuggle with him, or like we'd wake up and we'd be snuggling, or just something other than him elbowing my chest ;-; I am not hating, just wondering why there is no love moments yet ;v;  <3  <3  <3  <3


An elbow in the chest is love for Jymsar.

I'd rather have a kiss from him instead, or at least some sort of affection like head pets and/or snuggles ;v;


Have you played Alen's path at all during the split? If not, I'd check it out for a little affection with Jymsar. :P

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How do I make it stop saying it is not installed and when I try to get the app on my phone

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Sounds like you did not install it correctly, or maybe the files are corrupted. Try redownloading and reinstalling the update.

Check your storage make sure it had enough space for the app

will there be jymsar x raemus nsfw in future updates?


Of course :)




needing Raemus and Jymsar cuddles right about now

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Will it be possible to play through without forming a relationship with a character but still being on good terms with them? I've never been a fan of mentor-student relationships turning romantic, so whilst I'm definitely going to try and pursue a relationship with Jymsar in one playthrough I was wondering if it'll be possible to follow Alen but stay platonic with him without just getting him to strongly dislike you.


I'd recommend going with Jymsar and entirely skipping Alen's route in that case. There isn't going to be a large difference between the two routes anyway, other than more intimate scenes with the route character along the journey.

I haven't thought about not having romance in the routes, but I don't think it's likely to happen.

I was looking forward to this so much! Thank you!


Its here!


Oh yes!

is this nsfw

There is a section separate from the main atiende that is nsfw, and the main story is getting nsfw content soon, so yeah it is


For everyone who doesn't know, I think the next update is taking a while to come out because GigaSaddle has been working on the backgrounds for the next update of the game Minotaur Hotel by Minoh Workshop & Nanoff as well as their own. I don't know if that is the reason it's taking a while, but that is my best assumption. (And Giga can correct my assumption this if I am wrong.)

thanks anyway!


still waiting for the game to update hope the writer is ok and may you be well! Link out!


The 8.0 update is out on his discord, I just don't think he got around to updating the Itchio page

cool thank you

discord? can i have a link?

P.S could you send me a link to the discord I'd like that


Hey just dropping in to say the amount of effort put into every background, every sprite, all the lines of dialogue and choices which actually feel impactful, is jaw-droppingly amazing.

especially the backgrounds like holy shit you've rendered backgrounds that must've taken you days that only last for like 15 minutes in-game, what the fuck that's amazing and they all look so gorgeous aaa-




While we wait



Pov it's July 11: 👁️👄👁️

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Was there supposed to be an update today or something? It s also July 11th for me but I wasn’t expecting anything today

Lmao gigasaddle was supposed to upload the next part of the journey the 8th.😂🖐️


Oh….well at least not rushing it to give us crap y’know?


Exactly 😂 take all the time ya need gigasaddle

Hello again



¿Cómo estas?

Muy Bien y you?


any news?

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Love the ilustrations and the story! Somewhat reminds me of a TTRPG i've played, but with furrys haha

Can't wait for the next update! ❤


Love this VN! I am excited for any new updates. Everwind was a fun character. The worldbuilding is superbly done. The character development is outstanding, specially Jymsar's journey. I am also excited for when Alen becomes a romantic option.

So um, how many dateable characters are in the game?


2, (at least so far)

which are the datable characters

Jymsar and Alen

When the next update?


In a few days.







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Sorry for the delays. Bad planning on my part as I couldn't finish off the things I wanted for the public version, so I kept thinking "it'll be ready in a few days."

Basically you should never trust me when I give a deadline.

The actual public update will be on the 8th next month (or will it?).


Edit: lmao


No worries...take your time!🐊


No worries. As long as it's a good quality update, then it doesn't really matter :)



This VN kinda surprised me honestly, I don't usually expect much with VNs but the story and characters quickly grew on me. I always appreciate stories that aren't quite so cut and dry 'these people good good and these people bad' so I was quite pleased with how the dissent between pervaders and the watch is handled, especially with Jymsar. I also like the MC a lot, it's nice when characters are intelligent and can effectively communicate their thoughts without being too overbearing, plus who doesn't like a buff cougar. The magic system also feels quite well defined and unique to me, and definitely brings some added intrigue in addition to the characters' current predicament. I think the only qualms I have with it is the writing near the beginning feels a little rough compared to the rest, and some of the sprites are a tad bit less flattering. Definitely looking forward to more though

is NSFW only in Simulacrum or not cause I feel like Simulacrums are side stories and if it is so then how many and any new ones coming in the future?


There will be NSFW content in the main story, with Alen and Jymsar, and perhaps other characters.

New simulacrum stories will be added every 2-3 months. There will be a new simulacrum story soon, but it will only be available to Patreon supporters for 2-3 months.

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I would like to thank GigaSaddle for the great VN. It is an enticing story, the characters are captivating and the  world building is mind-blowing. This is backed by the gorgeous artwork. I was already a fan of GigaSaddle, but this made have a greater appreciation for his work.  There some very good VN out there, but few impressed me in this way. 

Although I'm eager to dive more in the story (the naughty bits too), I understand that this craft take time. I'm happy to wait. Good things like this VN should not be hurried.

At last, if GigaSaddle read this, I would like to thank you. Because of this VN I regained my interest in Digital Arts and Storytelling I thought was dead.

As soon as I can, I'll try to give this masterpiece financial support. 

Again, thanks GigaSaddle.


Thank you! Very kind words, and I'm very happy that I managed to inspire you.


Heeeyyoo! So umm... Not that I'm complaining i mean, i really got addicted to this VN to the point where i haven't slept yesterday but is Alen and Jymsar romancable? 0///0

Words cannot express how much i wanna romance Jymsar >w< 


Then you will be pleased to learn that you can romance either Alen or Jymsar.

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Ooooooh, thank you sooo much !! I just can't wait to truly engage in both their routes (NSFW contents <3 )

Also, will Alen and Jymsar be the only romance-able characters ? And do you think that more characters will show up in the Simulacrum ? 


Alen and Jymsar will be the only true romance-able characters, though you might get to have fun with other characters in the main story.

As far as the Simulacrum goes, lots of things can happen in there. Depending on how things go and player feedback, we might see old and new characters be featured in the future, though some characters aren't likely to be featured (so far: Harren, Gemmaborg, Chilas, Jymsar).


Fellow anatole simps rise up!

(Do you reckon we'll see simulacrum content for him or not?)


Probably! There is a scenario I have in mind for him which might be added retroactively to the events of Vale Gheryon.


haha! I was just about to type about how much I loved him x3

Where can I find the save files on Windows?


Should be here:
C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\Pervader


When I first saw Alen, I fell for him immediately. OMG! His warm smile, his reassurance, his maturity, his father-figure-like, his fur, his bearish. his arms, and his lower part (of course) I love it all. Would there be an intimate and private session with him? Please please please please make one. I do wish to have him by side, cuddling all day long.  Also, the sceneries are great, evoke imagination and bring myself to the world. I give four thumbs.  In the end, I just want to have Alen, thank you for making such a character. Looking forward to your update.


You will get to know Alen very closely over the next several updates. He might even show up in the simulacrum...


Oh, sweet. I hope he will be. (Desperately hoping)

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Huck is hot, I thought he would also be doing stuff in the simulacrum...Oh well Jonah is fine.


We might see more of Huck in the simulacrum at some point.

Oh that's going to be nice haha

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