A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Pervader is a plot-heavy kinetic visual novel set on an island-continent which has its own history, myths and secrets. You play the role of Reamus, a young cougar who is thrust into a world of magic, politicking and sinister plots. The main character is joined by two companions whom you can get to know (very) intimately as you travel the world in search of a cure for a strange magical affliction which plagues you.


v0.4.0 - Ready!

v0.4.1 - Fixed some spelling and other minor errors

Pervader is a one-man effort, so I apologize if the updates don't come fast enough. If you would like to support the project, please become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/pervader

Thank you and enjoy!

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Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Mystery, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


Pervader v0.4.1 (Windows) 230 MB
Pervader v0.4.1 (Android) 238 MB
Pervader v0.4.1 (Linux) 219 MB
Pervader v0.4.1 (Mac) 213 MB

Development log


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The way it's written is pure bliss, just like a spell!

Eu simplismente amei, a historia fico muito boa serio mesmo, eu terminei o jogo agora e vim pra ca para dar 5 estrelas 

Ayee I couldn't wait any longer! Usually I wait for a few more updates but I can't anymore I gotta read dis now... Ha! I'm too Ficken addicted to this

Great update! I really enjoyed it. The CGs, the music, and the writing are each respectively beautifully done and are also just, very well put together, this feeling of unison is what drawn me into the story and what encourages me to dive into the mentality of each character. 

The second half of the story where it showcases the tension between Jymsar and Chilas feels so realistic, especially of right now with so many groups of people holding uneasy feelings about one another. Everybody suffered because of the other side, everybody is the victim, and neither can or wants to let go because they believe in themselves and what they stood for. 

Great update! Will we be expecting an update next month, next three month, or just when it's ready?


Always when it's ready.

Hopefully this month.

Thank you for new update giga. I am so excited

Stay save<3

Thanks and enjoy!

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Is there a love interest in this game?

I guess so.

Umm who is it?

I guess it will be the knight.


You will be able to romance either Jymsar or Alen

I'm soooo excited thank u <3

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I did not expect this update to have so much content, that was a nice surprise. The story so far is turning out very engaging and I love new Jymsar's sprites. Can't wait for the next update!!

It won't let me install the newest version on Android. I can download the apk file, but when I try to install it from there it says "app not installed"

I'm having the same problem :(

I've encountered this issue as well, but I don't know how to fix it. Make sure to back up your saves if you try this, but you can delete the previous version and then it should allow you to install the new version without any error.

I guess cause of theire phone Memory. It's with my phone the same problem. I musst have more then 3% memory free. Or the game don't changed anything in the important codes. Then it things that'd the same version like before of the game. 

definitely not a memory issue here

Just some things that would be the reasons 

I dunno why, but I can't download the new update😔

Can you tell me where are you trying to download it from? What platform are you on? What error is it giving you?

Is 0.4.1 a fix of something?

Just some spelling and other minor errors.

Ah, ok. Good to know!


It has really been worth all this waiting, I really enjoyed every minute of this update, the picturesque landscapes, characters and story is great, and the music, the music is amazing, excellent work. I look forward to the next update.


Thank you! I hope I can deliver the next update sooner this time


Glad to see you're back!


Glad to be back!

I feel something big is coming. Or maybe he's dead. Eitherway, it will shook the fandom.

Hoping it's a big update


He's alive guys lmao. Don't say such a thing


Where are you Gigasaddle, I hope you're doing well. I miss your vn



Love uuuu. <3

Eu baixei o de android agora presiso de alguma coisa pra entra nao to conseguindo me ajuda

algum br aqui q milagre

Loved Reamus and Jymsar. I want to know more about Jymsar. Hope update 0.4 is close.

I really love this kind of story.


this novel is fucking awesome, Im really glad we dont just jump in the sex or romance, there is nothing wrong with that approach but sometimes its nice to read a slow burn novel, I also love the worldbuilding of this game, its like the world matters to you just as much as the characters and I really like the magic, question: do u have any idea how long this is gonna be? I hope its very long. The only "complaint" I have is that we only see the mc once, kinda wish we could see his face and his kinda sexy body more often lol


It's long

(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)


*gulps and flushes red*




I'm about to start playing this game... does it have any sexual scenes or explicit nudity scenes? just to be sure, thanks :)


Not yet


And there is sexual tension between characters sometime? or not even that just yet?

(1 edit)

It is pretty new so not yet kinda there is like one kinda like that but not really since I have heard him state before that romance and that stuff will be in later patches right now it is just the amazing story also sorry for answering for you  gigasaddle just wanted to get you some more time to work on 4.0 or whatever will be next

oh, thanks then. How long does it take to update? Once a month, like other VNs?

Hi Giga. I have a problem with updaiting my game. Can u halp me pls? 

The problem is that I downloaded new version 0.3.0 but like in game it's still 0.2.2. Idk if it is only problem on my phone or on others too.

The files should be in order. I might have forgotten to update the version label somewhere, but everything should work. What's the problem exactly?

Like I said. I downloaded new version but in game is still 0.2.2 and even in file it is writen 0.2.2. I will try like uninstal and try instal again. Mayby this will work, but i will wait for your reply.

When you go into Credits, what version does it say?

Ok nvm. It's fine now.

when is the next one coming?

I'm not keeping a set schedule anymore. Might be next week, might be next month.

Oh well hope is next week then!

A short review:

First off, all of the characters are lovable, especially Jymsar, I wish there was more stuff with him.

Secondly... I think there's a lot of room to change all of the info dumps. When you first leave the town, the first time you see the background of that bright green hill, there's such a big info dump that it made me wanna skip, and a similar one when you meet Harren.

I love it! I love it so very much!

The update is great! Love it!

Can't wait for the showing their sigil scenes to come out! hehe ;)


I finally got around to playing this update and I really enjoyed it, but when Jymsar joked about me sleeping like a princess, why couldn't I shoot back with with something like "If I'm a princess, does that make you my knight in shining armor?" or something like that? I hear the joke in my head every time I read or think about that interaction and it saddens me to think it's not actually in the game...

Seriously though, this was a really good update; it was great to start getting more information about the magic system and how magic works in the world. I'm really looking forward to seeing how future updates will build upon what we've learned so far.

(1 edit) (+3)

Jymsar looks sad 24/7


He do be hesitant :(




★★★★★ From me too!

Ok so this isn't much of a comment it is more of a question a dumb question but a question. I want to if I'm pronouncing Jymsar's name right is it Jim and Sar the way I have been saying it or no if I am saying it wrong please reply the correct pronunciation also I just finished 3.0 yesterday and I already want more it is great it is the first i have seen because I'm new to itch.io but can't wait for more. 


That's right.

If you go to Google Translate and type in 'Jymsar,' set the language to English, Spanish or Italian, click the text-to-speech button and you'll hear it say it about right.

Reamus would probably say it like the French one.

Thanks and again great game can't wait I expect great things from this novel also love the characters, story, and pretty much everything about the novel keep doing your best I know I'm kinda being a suck up but I got to give complements to you.

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MESSAGE for GigaSaddle Spoilers ahead, Don't scroll if you don't wanna get spoiled

I know you said to not get too hyped... BUT DAMN!! this is way better than what I expected, Even when I was hyped! I expected character development, and I got them!

Jymsar became more interactive and made me laugh a few times, It was such a great update to him,And saying that I was OVERJOYED when alen got expressions is a MASSIVE understatement, Especially the part where he was worried about us XDDD

The part where we were learning magic was a great treat for me, And I actually tried the things alen was saying in real life and it was SOOOOO RELAXING , I don't mind that this update took so long, Because it was well WORTH IT! 

over all this update is wonderfully amazing!

★★★★★ from me!

I'll be waiting for your next update and to see more of jymsar soon, But you can take as much time as you need! No point rushing a development of such a great game right?

And as I always say...

"Onwards to the future! To the stars and beyond! So that we might find our own perfect Happy ending~!"

With regards and best wishes from

-Ace ayasaki 


Does anyone else give Alen a somewhat subtle Scottish accent, or is it just me?


is there an update schedule


The plan is to make an update every month. Last update was way off schedule.

So while I am aiming for monthly releases, I will fail to deliver sometimes.

The next one is going to be more of a housekeeping update though, at the end of August. Very unlikely to progress the story, as I want to focus on character graphics and reworking some assets.

Story is great so far and music and almost everything(rate 5 star btw) i think from next update you should begin to add romance and continue story together 

Hi there! I really like your work so far, and I'll be looking forward to future updates! Since you asked for feedback on this new update, I have some comments I want to share. I hope you find them helpful!

  • Reamus' inner dialogue while he was trying to focus felt too abstract, especially during the second time when Alen and Jymsar left him alone.  It was like... there were words that I was reading, but I couldn't find any concrete ideas to latch on. I didn't really know what Reamus was trying to describe most of the time.  Unless that was the point? It was still kind of a slog to read through though. You did say that you plan to include more illustrations for this chapter. I'm not sure if that includes this specific part, but I think even a few black-and-white imagery or something would help flesh out Reamus' thoughts.  If I could make a suggestion, maybe you could write his monologue to be a bit more poetic? Not in the sense that it's filled with rhymes and metaphors and all that, but more of that the words have a certain subtle rhythm to them. It'd fit the whole fluid, esoteric-y tone of the whole thing at least, and I think it'd be a fun read. It would be better than Reamus just... saying things.
  • I felt that Alen was a bit too quick to raise his voice at Reamus there. It's not that it goes against his character or anything, but it did feel like it suddenly came out of nowhere. The back-and-forth between the two could be a bit longer. I want to see Alen become more and more stern because Reamus keeps on being impatient and difficult.
  • The new sprites are great, but the ones for Alen feel a bit off. I think it's because of his neutral sprite/s. The shading on them is less pronounced than the others. The difference is juuuust enough to be distracting when they appear right after one another.

Very fair points, thank you! I'll be making some changes in a v0.3.1 patch.

About Alen raising his voice, I think it may have been entirely justified. I get the feeling he may have tried to teach someone else to use magic only to have disastrous results, leading to his apprehension towards teaching Reamus and how overly emotional he seems to get during the whole scene.

As for the abstract monologues, they seemed fitting in my opinion. People don't always have coherent thought processes, and with how Reamus seems to get lost in thought fairly often, his mind is likely to wander.

Yeah, I'm happy to concede my point about the monologue thing. It honestly is subjective, and I can see it being completely fine for other people. It wouldn't really bother me either way if there's a change there or not. I still do think it's a bit of a slog to read though, but again, it's not ruining anything for me.

As for the Alen thing, I was mostly going off of what we already know of Alen. Yeah, he may have had a bad experience with teaching magic before, but we don't have anything about that. At least, not yet? I don't know if we'll get anything like that in the future. If we do, then all is mostly fine. But for now, we've known Alen to have a lot of patience and care with Reamus. Teaching Reamus magic is something he's taking very seriously because Reamus' (and Jymsar's) life could depend on it. I completely agree Alen was justified in raising his voice at Reamus. My issue was that it felt too sudden, and it just came across as a little jarring.

Besides, even if this was a bit of foreshadowing at Alen's past, I'd have to say it's done poorly. All we get is Alen suddenly raising his voice, and then pleading for Reamus to take learning magic seriously. He said himself he needs Reamus to learn magic so he might be able to understand the curse better. The focus is more on "You need to learn magic so I might be able to save you," not "You need to learn magic this way or X could happen." You know, if that's what that scene was going for.


I just love to sit down and stare at the background listening to the music. Felt nostlagic.

Same here


Amazing update, and I love how Jymsar is slowly opening up more to us. I had a dumb smile when he laughed when the mushroom breakfast part lol

I already said that but Jymsar is my absolute favorite :3

You are doing an amazing job GigaSaddle!


There's a typo while Alen is teaching the mc about magic "I want to you to do this." 

Loving the update, I'm normally such a slow reader but I manage to read your story super fast.  


Oh also all the new expressions are wonderful, Alen almost feels like a new character now that he's emoting so much!

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