A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Pervader is a plot-heavy linear visual novel set on an island-continent which has its own history, myths and secrets. You play the role of Reamus, a young cougar who is thrust into a world of magic, politicking and sinister plots. The main character is joined by two companions whom you can get to know (very) intimately as you travel the world in search of a cure for a strange magical affliction which plagues you.


Latest public version: v0.16.0

Latest Patreon version: v0.16.0

Working on: v0.17.0 (and a new project!)

中文翻译 (wolden): https://b23.tv/4J7G6Bt

中文翻译 (泡澡的inko): https://tinyurl.com/2s35wm2k

Pervader is a one-man effort, so I apologize if the updates don't come fast enough. If you would like to support me, please become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/pervader

Patreon supporters can play each release one week earlier and get to vote on a monthly poll where I draw one of your favorite Pervader characters as a lewd pinup!

Thank you and enjoy!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Mystery, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


Pervader v0.16.0 (Windows) 412 MB
Pervader v0.16.0 (Android) 400 MB
Pervader v0.16.0 (Mac) 377 MB
Pervader v0.16.0 (Linux) 384 MB

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Great, looking forward to the next update!

Reamus is just like 'him' (if you know what I mean) but more muscular. Aren't cougar and mountain-lion same?

Anyways, please tell me that we can see Reamus' face other than in the beginning of the story (when he's cleaning himself)!


Can i ask Who is The Male lead Here


I'm playing back through this for the first time in a year or so and I forgot how cute Jymsar is.

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This might sound weird but when I chose to stay with the bear I figured he the main character would tell him that they like them not end up caring for the Panther unless I am reading it wrong also what is going on with this is it on Hiatus or canceled just wondering


Brief hiatus while I work on improving my art skills.

thank you for letting me know because I stumbled upon your visual well waiting for a couple that I read on the regular got to say it definitely remind me of Dragon Age 


I sure do miss Pervader. Hope you return soon to add the next part of the story. I felt your art skills were phenomenal already. And your plot is awesome. Keeps me on the edge of my seat. Hope all is well.


Is there a consequence for choosing jymsar at ayan's road like will alen wont find a cure cause i went with jymsar?


I think its just that you chose jymsars route


Is there nsfw pics in this game?


If you go to main menu and click Simulacrum you will get The option of two side stories which are short and have nsfw pics


Hey, anyone else having trouble installing the APK in android? It won't even open the installer for me for some reason

What happens when you try to install it?

Have you tried installing other APK files to see if the issue is with the device?

It's only happening with ur file, I'm not really sure why. 

For some reason when I try to install ur game it doesn't open the android installer, while any other apk from the site does work. 

If u need anything more specific u can ask me 

Can you try accessing the apk file through a different means and see what happens? Try using a different file manager.

Also make sure you have enough storage space to install it.

Yeah after downloading an app to install apks from the play store it ended up installing it. Still pretty weird though, I've installed plenty other apks from here on my phone and this is the first time this has happened. 

Thanks for your help =) 


I downloaded the new 0.16 update, but it ends shortly after Jymsar woke up and he and the MC went outside at night to talk, just like in 0.15. Is there suppose to be more after that on this update?

No. The update only added Jymsar's part of the story up until that point.

Ok, Thanks.

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everytime it appears a notification on my email presenting a new update of Pervader my heart palpitates in hapiness! This visual novel is just incredible, and has been my personal fantasy world since several months. thanks, GigaSaddle!

Thank you!


I can't express how much I love this VN. Everytime I play it I cry. It's so well done, the music is awesome, the ambiance is breath-taking and the characters feel so real!!

I'll be waiting patiently everyday for the next update until the end.

Thanks !!


I appreciate your patience!

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I clearly felt this update, I was so much into the reading that I forgot myself in the dark, reading every single word. mainly when Marchedon said the only difference which matters is the weight upon our shoulders

Well, thank you for this update


Thank you!

stop praying


The first and the last time we see Reamus's face and body....


I mean, I never see Reamus anymore after he takes bath in the prologue...


Even after reading, I don't really understand how magic works in this world lol

Maybe it's all in the frens we met along the way.

Is this a romance novel??


praying patiently for jymsar's update to have some romantic interactions with and indeed learn more about the good story

Idk if this is only an issue for me but I can't open the android version of this game on my phone.

What happens when you try to open the game?

Hi, I just found Pervader and binged Jymsar's content. I took a very brief peek at the Simulacrum and saw there were two scenes and get that its non-canon, but how did you decide on which characters had spicy times? Was it a Patreon selected thing or more of a just author's preference sorta thing where you might have wanted to write hornier stuff but the story wasn't there yet and  those were the characters you wanted to work with? Because if there's a way to get more of that I'd love to know how to vote or whatever


I created the Simulacrum because I wanted to do horny things, but couldn't fit them in the main story. Eldon had a lot of fans from the very beginning, so that's why I featured him first. After that, there was a Patreon poll and people voted for Jonah as the second story.

Sadly I'm not doing simulacrum content anymore. I'm harnessing that horny energy for a new project I'm working on, in the same Pervader universe. More info here:


Is anyone else having trouble downloading the update I've been trying for a few days and it will just stay queued I can download other updates just fine though.


Other people have been able to download the game without issues, so I'm fairly sure there's no issue with the files themselves.

Might be that some extension or security measures are blocking the download. Maybe try downloading it on another browser or system.

Failing that, you can try downloading it from here (for Windows).

I hope the link I provided will be posted.


is there gonna be nsfw content?


There is (in the Simulacrum) and there is going to be more (in the main story).

Really good story, wish it had more love interests however.

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Greatest has been seen. You have built an interesting story and crafted a beautiful world in this VN. I have to say, I finally catch up to the current version, and it is a world of wonders. You have brought a world that is alive, and characters well known to stick in and out. But, there are a few things that I would like to point out. You can take it as a critical, nothing personal with some stuff I will say just preferences.

*Although I see that you put great effort in the illustration of your characters, it sometimes they feel out of place. They seem a bit too realistic, but it has its own charm to it.

*You did a splendid job to bring out creativity needed to get hooked. But sometimes it feels that there’s more information needed.

*You have chosen great areas of music bringing a brim of light and setting the tone for the scenes so far… But some of them feel out of place.

I haven’t been in the Simulacrum, so there is still more to explore for me, but so far it has been a wonderful adventure, sometimes even touching the hearth with warm embrace, but others feel flaw. I cannot remember where but knowing you have done great so far I wish you a good luck for the future. And I will be waiting eagerly for your next update.

Currently, it took me almost 20 hours of reading, and I did enjoy every part of your story.

Quick edit: Is there a way to reset the simulacrum?

After seeing the simulacrum: My! Ye done a good one there, sir. Separating the lust from the main story is alright, it keeps everything important to get to know your characters. But, I feel that these could be incorporated into the main storyline, not immediately but maybe after everything has been solved? Trying to see the picture of ¨those insights¨… are well described. You have a ¨clear vision¨ thank you for the insight.


Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

If you mean the intro to the simulacrum, there's no way to reset that outside of deleting persistent save files. If you really want to read it again, you can open the Pervader/game/script/simulacrum.rpy file with any text editor.

The two simulacrum stories we have right now are very unlikely to ever be incorporated into the main game. They just wouldn't work with the story I wish to tell.


Again you have done a splendid job, I enjoyed the story so far and the cliffhanger that I got really settle well. Sometimes other devs live Cliffhangers that makes people desperate to see what’s next. A good thing, but it gets problematic when we are left somewhat unsatisfied. Anyway…

I asked because I wanted to change the Protagonist name, since I grew custom to the one that I started in the story. I started the simulacrum when I downloaded the game thinking it was the story, but I notice that the start of it was out of place.

But, I have to thank you again for doing an incredible VN, since it did run wild in imagination. Any of the scenes started to become vivid dreams like people dosing of looking at a sunset or just drifting away. I could see the character becoming alive as if it was an animated story. Something that is hard to get as far as I know.

Oh yeah, you can't change the name of the protagonist in the Simulacrum. That's intended, though I guess I might change it in the future.

That ending for the current version T-T


oh dear... I opened the simulacrum and oh my goddess, that... that was something else. 

And seeing those parallel universes, so many possibilities.


not sure jymsar is very happy about some of them

so... yeah, he may not be happy about the mc did. well, maybe he will never now... but other possibilities are really alluring. 

technically it didnt happen, because it was in a different timeline

I know, but man can dream

I love this VN 💕💕💕💕

I'm trying to download this on an android but after the download, when trying to open the link, it says it "can't open file". Is there something I'm missing?

Try opening the file you downloaded through your file manager.

If you still have problems, it may be an issue you have to work around on your device. Google "how to install apk" and that should give you some options.

Thanks, got it figured out. Looking forward to exploring this story.


it's funny how the first thing i looks from this shadow creature is his nipple lol


my ass thought that was samuel from tsr for a moment lmao

god damn i love all the characters, the new build was awesome, i am looking forward to the next one already ^^


Hello! I've started playing this visual novel 3 days ago and have just downloaded the new update today.

I was really looking for a furry visual novel that focuses more on world building and managed to stumble upon this. I can safely say that I really love this vn. The characters are likable (and somewhat relatable), the plotline is very intriguing, and I really like how the setting gets expanded upon as the story progresses like you're really in the shoes of the main character in discovering the world of magic. Not to mention that all of this is done by one man only.

I sincerely thank the creator for making such an awesome vn it was an amazing ride!


Slight spoilers. I just hope there's enough time in the story for the mc to explore magic before it ends. I don't want to spoil much but i have feeling the story will end right before the mc can do much. Unless they plan on making some time skips.

Thank you!


This VN is the best thing that's happened to me. Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece !!!


Glad you're enjoying it!

Deleted post

It will be nice if we can choose to be a top or bottom in salty dogs simulacrum. I'm not complaining tho. Hehe.


Don't have any plans to change that story. Sorry!


 Well, I already know the answer to this question, but still... Will there possibly be any Simulacrum scenes with the witches..?


I'm not doing Simulacrum content any time soon.

If any of the witches show up in the simulacrum, they will not be the feature.


Why would you ask a dumb question you already know the answer to?
'Is there going to be any straight content in this gay game where the MC is also explicitly stated to be gay?'



Hey! After every Pervader update, we get together for a small playthrough, to chill out and have fun. This time around I recorded it. Here it is:

i'm trying to download it on android but it doesn't work

What happens when you try to download?

oh it works after a few tries idk what was wrong that time


your art is *chef's kiss*



Okay, just a quick question, does the main story have a romance plot line? and I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is the simulacrum? Is it like a separate story or some sort? Also I would also like to say that the art style is so gorgeous. 


Thank you!

Depending on who you went with after Ayan's Road you will be in a romance route with either Alen or Jymsar, which is only now starting to bloom.

The simulacrum is just some fun side content if you want something more adult. It's not quite part of the main story.

are there any plans to add to the simulacrum?

No certain plans, but I would like to get to it at some point. Don't expect anything any time soon.


question, will jymsar father dateable? cuz he hot 


Not dateble, but you can have some fun with him in the Simulacrum!


I haven't finished it yet, but holy shit I had to make an account here to thank you for creating such a masterpiece. This is easily the best thing I've ever read so far, and the fact that this is a "one-man effort" is just mindblowing. You're incredibly talented, such a great writer and a great artist. I won't forget about this VN anytime soon. Good job, and thank you for this <3


Thank you!

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