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Pervader is a plot-heavy kinetic visual novel set on an island-continent which has its own history, myths and secrets. You play the role of Reamus, a young cougar who is thrust into a world of magic, politicking and sinister plots. The main character is joined by two companions whom you can get to know (very) intimately as you travel the world in search of a cure for a strange magical affliction which plagues you.


v0.3.0 - Now!


This project is a first for me, and a big undertaking. Pervader has been bouncing in my mind for a few years now. Throughout this time it has undergone several minor, major and complete revisions. At one point it was supposed to be a comic, but the story has grown into a beast with many moving parts which requires a lot of text. Now I feel confident that I can carry this project further into something which other people can experience and enjoy as a (mostly) linear visual novel.


As this is a one man team effort where I produce, design, draw, write, script and edit (music gets the royalty free treatment for now), there will likely be many stumbles along the way. Please be patient with me as I learn through managing this project.
During these first few months all releases will be made public as they are ready, just so we can hit the ground running. In the future, backers will receive 1-month early access to builds during which time I can further refine the update for the public release.
In addition to all this, backers will receive devlogs and work-in-progress teasers and snippets as they are being developed. Your feedback during this time is appreciated.

If you would like to support this project, please become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/pervader

Thank you and enjoy!

Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Mystery, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


Pervader v0.3.0 (Windows) 196 MB
Pervader v0.3.0 (Android) 203 MB
Pervader v0.3.0 (Mac) 178 MB
Pervader v0.3.0 (Linux) 184 MB

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★★★★★ From me too!

Ok so this isn't much of a comment it is more of a question a dumb question but a question. I want to if I'm pronouncing Jymsar's name right is it Jim and Sar the way I have been saying it or no if I am saying it wrong please reply the correct pronunciation also I just finished 3.0 yesterday and I already want more it is great it is the first i have seen because I'm new to itch.io but can't wait for more. 

That's right.

If you go to Google Translate and type in 'Jymsar,' set the language to English, Spanish or Italian, click the text-to-speech button and you'll hear it say it about right.

Reamus would probably say it like the French one.

Thanks and again great game can't wait I expect great things from this novel also love the characters, story, and pretty much everything about the novel keep doing your best I know I'm kinda being a suck up but I got to give complements to you.

(1 edit) (+1)

MESSAGE for GigaSaddle Spoilers ahead, Don't scroll if you don't wanna get spoiled

I know you said to not get too hyped... BUT DAMN!! this is way better than what I expected, Even when I was hyped! I expected character development, and I got them!

Jymsar became more interactive and made me laugh a few times, It was such a great update to him,And saying that I was OVERJOYED when alen got expressions is a MASSIVE understatement, Especially the part where he was worried about us XDDD

The part where we were learning magic was a great treat for me, And I actually tried the things alen was saying in real life and it was SOOOOO RELAXING , I don't mind that this update took so long, Because it was well WORTH IT! 

over all this update is wonderfully amazing!

★★★★★ from me!

I'll be waiting for your next update and to see more of jymsar soon, But you can take as much time as you need! No point rushing a development of such a great game right?

And as I always say...

"Onwards to the future! To the stars and beyond! So that we might find our own perfect Happy ending~!"

With regards and best wishes from

-Ace ayasaki 


Does anyone else give Alen a somewhat subtle Scottish accent, or is it just me?


is there an update schedule


The plan is to make an update every month. Last update was way off schedule.

So while I am aiming for monthly releases, I will fail to deliver sometimes.

The next one is going to be more of a housekeeping update though, at the end of August. Very unlikely to progress the story, as I want to focus on character graphics and reworking some assets.

Story is great so far and music and almost everything(rate 5 star btw) i think from next update you should begin to add romance and continue story together 

Hi there! I really like your work so far, and I'll be looking forward to future updates! Since you asked for feedback on this new update, I have some comments I want to share. I hope you find them helpful!

  • Reamus' inner dialogue while he was trying to focus felt too abstract, especially during the second time when Alen and Jymsar left him alone.  It was like... there were words that I was reading, but I couldn't find any concrete ideas to latch on. I didn't really know what Reamus was trying to describe most of the time.  Unless that was the point? It was still kind of a slog to read through though. You did say that you plan to include more illustrations for this chapter. I'm not sure if that includes this specific part, but I think even a few black-and-white imagery or something would help flesh out Reamus' thoughts.  If I could make a suggestion, maybe you could write his monologue to be a bit more poetic? Not in the sense that it's filled with rhymes and metaphors and all that, but more of that the words have a certain subtle rhythm to them. It'd fit the whole fluid, esoteric-y tone of the whole thing at least, and I think it'd be a fun read. It would be better than Reamus just... saying things.
  • I felt that Alen was a bit too quick to raise his voice at Reamus there. It's not that it goes against his character or anything, but it did feel like it suddenly came out of nowhere. The back-and-forth between the two could be a bit longer. I want to see Alen become more and more stern because Reamus keeps on being impatient and difficult.
  • The new sprites are great, but the ones for Alen feel a bit off. I think it's because of his neutral sprite/s. The shading on them is less pronounced than the others. The difference is juuuust enough to be distracting when they appear right after one another.

Very fair points, thank you! I'll be making some changes in a v0.3.1 patch.

About Alen raising his voice, I think it may have been entirely justified. I get the feeling he may have tried to teach someone else to use magic only to have disastrous results, leading to his apprehension towards teaching Reamus and how overly emotional he seems to get during the whole scene.

As for the abstract monologues, they seemed fitting in my opinion. People don't always have coherent thought processes, and with how Reamus seems to get lost in thought fairly often, his mind is likely to wander.

Yeah, I'm happy to concede my point about the monologue thing. It honestly is subjective, and I can see it being completely fine for other people. It wouldn't really bother me either way if there's a change there or not. I still do think it's a bit of a slog to read though, but again, it's not ruining anything for me.

As for the Alen thing, I was mostly going off of what we already know of Alen. Yeah, he may have had a bad experience with teaching magic before, but we don't have anything about that. At least, not yet? I don't know if we'll get anything like that in the future. If we do, then all is mostly fine. But for now, we've known Alen to have a lot of patience and care with Reamus. Teaching Reamus magic is something he's taking very seriously because Reamus' (and Jymsar's) life could depend on it. I completely agree Alen was justified in raising his voice at Reamus. My issue was that it felt too sudden, and it just came across as a little jarring.

Besides, even if this was a bit of foreshadowing at Alen's past, I'd have to say it's done poorly. All we get is Alen suddenly raising his voice, and then pleading for Reamus to take learning magic seriously. He said himself he needs Reamus to learn magic so he might be able to understand the curse better. The focus is more on "You need to learn magic so I might be able to save you," not "You need to learn magic this way or X could happen." You know, if that's what that scene was going for.


I just love to sit down and stare at the background listening to the music. Felt nostlagic.

Same here


Amazing update, and I love how Jymsar is slowly opening up more to us. I had a dumb smile when he laughed when the mushroom breakfast part lol

I already said that but Jymsar is my absolute favorite :3

You are doing an amazing job GigaSaddle!


There's a typo while Alen is teaching the mc about magic "I want to you to do this." 

Loving the update, I'm normally such a slow reader but I manage to read your story super fast.  


Oh also all the new expressions are wonderful, Alen almost feels like a new character now that he's emoting so much!

Literally never has any sort of story hooked me so fast as Pervader has, no exaggeration. Thanks so much for this visual novel, GigaSaddle.

Apk is behind D:


The apk is up to date, it's just I forgot to rename the file to reflect the actual version, so it still says 202 instead of 300.

It's fine!



Really enjoyed the newest update! It was nice getting some less serious time with both Alen and Jymsar, Alen's definitely one of those teachers who won't let you off the hook easy. Can't wait for the next one!

Ok this update is getting longer to the point that I'm wondering if the creator has something amazing  to show :)


Wow, this is amazing! So beautiful and well-written, I'm overwhelmed to know that you do all by yourself! Congrats GigaSaddle!!


The worldbuilding and magic system is absolutely delightful!


Ask, when will you get the Spanish language out? 🤔


I don't know Spanish. Sorry!

Lmao Same.

I could translate the whole novel to spanish ^^

If you do I would be happy to help :)


Hmmm, Since the next update is taking too long I'm getting the feeling the GigaSaddle is preparing something especially great for us, now Im getting more hyped for the next update ★w★


Oh noooo...

Don't get too hyped. This next update is going to be a little simpler. I've just been busy and dealing with some personal stuff that has kept me from working on Pervader.


Ahhh, I see, No problem there, as long as your ok with it, I'll be willing to wait, No point in rushing something if something else gets affected by it right? Hope you're doing well, And always remember, There are always people who support you! ^^

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GigaSaddle are you the only one working on pervader? Like... you know, the background, the sprites, the coding and the story?


Yep! Solo project.

Also, I am thankful to the creator of Minotaur Hotel for his help behind the scenes.

(2 edits) (+2)

Man that's really awesome, YOU are awesome! 

While playing it I can feel your devotion on the story, and it's amazing the way the characters transmit their feelings and emotions. Like that part when Jymsar gets angry at us at the inn right before going to bed, I really could feel his hate towards us (or should i say towards the situation) you are doing an amazing job man, keep it up! It's paying off!

I just gave Pervader 5 stars ^^



Love it

Goodjob gigasaddle

Thanks :)


I really love the story you're crafting so far in this! A kind and cautious MC who's lacking in a bit of power (compared to his companions) but not helpless is refreshing. There's a lot of charm to his humbleness. I'm interested to see how you flesh out the magic and politics of the world more too.

Yeah, I really hoped people would like Reamus.


Who's the artist? man i can't wait for next update


It's me!


You're doing an excellent job! (in particular, I like Jonah and... his bulge!)


I hate the author, but the story and the lore are interesting enough. I'll take the same approach as I would to J. K. Rowling's work now: Pretend that it just popped up out of nowhere so I can enjoy it at least a little.


What's wrong with the author? What's the T?


Context please?


Ah I've figured it out!

This person has me blocked on twitter. I don't post anything on twitter other than artwork, so I imagine they have me on a blocklist for somebody I follow.

That ridiculous

Are you serious...

Imagine being so petty to 'hate' someone cause of twitter. Wow.

Why do you hate the author?


Idk what part of “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything” this person doesn’t understand, but seeing that most of your comments literally everywhere are negative is questionable at the least. While the comments sections are meant for comments, they aren’t meant for shaming people’s opinions....what’s the point in being disrespectful? If you have personal issues with either the creators or anyone else, keep that mess to yourself.


Not if the creator actually did something messy, then the public should know about it. But from what I could research I could not find a single controversial thing about the author of Pervader. Not a single bad thing. So this guy is most likely lying.


Yeah that’s what I’m saying...there’s no reason to be publicly saying things like this unless it’s an actual issue, but to just say it with no backstory or evidence is a jerk move.


I bet he is just some hater with a lot of free time

I guess you were right lol

wow the game well known now haha. im so happy! keep it up bro! ill help yah to get other people who love this kind of vn. haha " i choose life to support"

do your best bro!

I check this page daily for new updates, I'm obsessed with this VN.


There will be an update this month, hopefully next week.

Can't wait i soo am in love with this game its not even funny keep up the good work 😅😂😀😍🤗😆😆

kinda weird question but whenever you add nsfw scenes will you be able to chose between dominant and submissive?

I plan on having that option for one of the scenes, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Deleted 28 days ago

Really loving the story so far c:

Hey, umm Im quite new to this game and I like to be updated on the storyline. How can I update the game without losing my progress, I haven't seen any update button or something lately. Thank you if there will be a respond to this

You only have to download the latest version and load your last save. That's it!

(1 edit) (+1)

Im so pumped for the plot to get to a climax, (don't even think about making a lewd joke).




Don't have a set date yet, but it's at least a week away.


Really am getting so engrossed in the story, I'm craving more and more. D:

I feel ya bud...I feel ya...

Is this VN NSFW?


Not right now. Later down the line we'll get some intimate scenes.

Kissing scenes? 👀


Yes, mouths will be involved.

This makes me laugh

The background music and the story really synced well together and made me cry 3 times. If i work and get some cash, i would really loved to support this project.

I'm really into this so far! There isn't a lot but it's so damn captivating already it makes me really look forward to what the end product will look like! I love both Alen and Jymsar but I'm really into Alen so far, so can't wait to romance him. Keep up the good work, this really does feel like something special and I can't wait to see how it'll blossom!

Ahh I wasnt able to click the link for their discord in the newest build! It just skipped to the next diogue in Android. Does anyone have the link for it? I wanna keep up on it! It's such an awesome game and I have to know what happens to the crew next! 


I fell in love the moment I saw Jymsar smile! I really hope you could do more! ^^ This is a great game and i wish you good health and blessings ^^


Thank you! Very kind words.

Your welcome ^^

(1 edit)

Loving the new update. There's one instance that I think got a little bugged out lol. Shortly after the dream in the tavern when the MC is telling Alen about the dream at one point the MC states "it's just that... I don't know if I can sleep well If I don't understand it." But the name listed for the dialogue is Alen. Least it's my impression that the MC is supposed to be the one stating it. Ignore if I'm wrong xD

Nope, you're completely right! That's an error. Thanks for pointing it out.


A must-read kinetic visual novel!! I mean, sure I enjoy having choices but this... This is a story I felt like I don't need to make choices, mainly because this plot is just beautiful and I can feel the climax coming up. Also, great taste of music to go along with the story. ^_^

Wait so like...I know it’s not a “dating” game whatsoever, but will “routes,” so to speak, be a thing? Or is it more of a “try to get on their better, friendlier side” type of novel?


At the end of one of the future updates (probably v0.5.0) you will be able to pick your route, which will turn into a romance.

I can't wait to pick my own "romance"  route xD

Oh okay....I think some people talked about it in the comments, just wanted to clarify for myself🙃

Will you make a Jonah romancing route? (Please, say YES!!)


This is not game! This is a book with some images. 
Thare only 2 o 3 choise you can do. Don't you think you can add more?


There won't be a lot of choices I'm afraid. Pervader is mostly a kinetic visual novel.


When all is said and done, this is an Amazing VN


Pervader is perfect the way it is, I really mean it. Keep it up!

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