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Pervader is a plot-heavy linear visual novel set on an island-continent which has its own history, myths and secrets. You play the role of Reamus, a young cougar who is thrust into a world of magic, politicking and sinister plots. The main character is joined by two companions, Alen, an old brown bear, and Jymsar, a young black leopard, whom you can get to know (very) intimately as you travel the world in search of a cure for a strange magical affliction which plagues you.


Latest public version: v0.18.1

Latest Patreon version: v0.18.1

Status: I'm on a hiatus from working on Pervader, but I will return to it eventually.

馃寪 Translations can be found here!馃寪

Pervader is a one-man effort, so I apologize if the updates don't come fast enough. If you would like to support me, please become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/pervader

Patreon supporters can play each release one week earlier and get to vote on some art content!

Thank you and enjoy!

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,044 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
TagsBara, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Mystery, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


Pervader v0.18.1 (Windows) 422 MB
Pervader v0.18.1 (Android) 410 MB
Pervader v0.18.1 (Mac) 387 MB
Pervader v0.18.1 (Linux) 394 MB

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I miss Pervader.


Same. Hope the dev team is doing alright...

What is simulacrum?


what could have been.



simulacrum is what could have been with the VN if the main story didn't happen. simulacrum literally is synonymous with imitation.


Is this game dead? The story is just fantastic, but there has been no updates since March of last year


the creator is in haitus


How longg

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This was the last public post on patreon.

Status Update~

Jul 27, 2023

Hey guys! It's been a while. I thought I should probably make a news post to tell people where I'm at.

Sorry again for the lack of Pervader content. I really wanted to get back into monthly updates, but I haven't been able to. Life gets in the way, in small ways that don't really seem that big at first, but they get big enough to become obstacles.

I probably won't have another update too soon. The main problem, as always, is writing. There are a few stressful factors in my life which sabotage my ability to work on the text. It's not necessarily for lack of time, though I have been busy IRL too.

As much as I would wish it, I definitely can't commit to monthly updates, as I've failed to do that so many times by now, and I need to stop pretending that I can do it. I wax and wane too much in everything I do for me to keep a consistent schedule of things.

Every month that passes without an update makes me feel bad for disappointing everyone, but I know it doesn't help to dwell on it. Right now, I just want to do more fun artwork, so that's going to be my focus for a while longer. Though I am a bit cautious since I burned out a bit at the start of the year with that daily art challenge I tried. Still, drawing is a great way for me to make content and feel good about it. I haven't yet done those Alen and Jymsar pics you guys voted on either, so look forward to that too.

That's about it as far as Pervader goes. Not much to say, but I figured everyone was owed a little status update. I don't have any Horny Gaol updates I can show either, though I've been reworking and tinkering with its design quite a bit over the past few months, and I quite like where it's at right now.

There's more but the later bit is just going to explain what's going on with the patreon. If you want to read it then here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/status-update-86754669


love this game so much! 馃挄馃挄

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1 of the BEST Vn game I've ever played. Very intense story. I really enjoyed the story so much. Keep up the good work. I WILL SURLY STAY TUNED.


How do i gave it ten stars?


Make a second account


This read was simply exciting!, Loving the pace and character designs, the lore is so interesting too. It even has potential as a series imo


Did this stop being developed?


Not entirely. It is just on hiatus for now due to irl things.


I really miss this VN. This is one of my favorites. :(


Stray strong. Keep the faith. At duty's end, we will meet again. We will. We will.


The rains have ceased, and we have been graced with another beautiful day. But you are not here to see it.


In tough times, we all long for news to be heard, but stand strong my comrade our odyssey is not yet done.


Does this game currently have any sex scenes


not in the main story but there are side stories called simulacrum that have


Just wanna say that this is a truly magical game馃 no pun intended馃槀




Just wondering, are we still gonna be getting an update for this? It was coming monthly and now it has been since March, almost 5 months ago, since the last time it was... 


Yea he taking his time to work on his art and bussy working on a RPG.

'Bussy' lol. 

Is there a link to this rpg, or is it not revealed yet?


Aint out yet 馃槄


Yo! Sorry for vanishing, but yeah, I'm kind of on a hiatus. It's just not a good time for me to work on Pervader, but I will return to it eventually.


Understandable. Thank you for replying to me, GigaSaddle.

Best of luck man馃敟


Jymsar's such a cutie patootie

Out of curiosity do u similacrum before or after finishing the original game i dont get it...

I think its like  a what if or alternate timeline

ahh i see thx ill wait till after then. 

does the game has nsfw?


So far only in the side stories accessible from the main menu under the Simulacrum option


LOVE your GAME so far keep up the GOOD WORK loving it

I'm new here.. what character has endings?

None yet


amazing art, nice storylines, and overall just super nice


I fell in love with this visual novelI 


I finished pervader (Jymsar route ofc) and now I'm sad because it was so damn good I couldn't stop reading to save my life. And then it ended, so now I'm sad


Woowoo! Just finished 0.18, and gotta say this IS a very good Novel. Thanks, Mino Hotel for recommending this. I cannot wait for the next update, cus the story has gotten me HOOKED!

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this is a long comment since I just finished the novel and really looking forward to this novel so [spoiler]


-Just as you look from the preview arts, you will certainly have a lot more beautiful views from this novel. It's beautiful, I can't much because it really is.

-The dialogues with a detailed backgrounds are amazingly well done

-character's design: the main cast (Reamus, Alen, Jymsar) designs are generic, but also outstanding, just like any side characters. I adore Follen and Marchedon design the most.


-Personalities: the main cast sometimes are childish and being strict are their whole personality at the beginning of the novel and some dialogues, but later on they got their character development and be likable. The side characters are not annoying and pushing the main cast to go further, good.

-Relationship between characters: Jymsar and other watchmen; it kinda cute, I don't have much to say. Alen and Chila; their interactions between two are short but we will learn further on on Alen's prespective, it can tell why the two acting these way, Alen acting toward Reamus and Alen's goal which is nice.


-Very confusing at the beginning, still confusing further on but not as diffucult as the beginning to catch up, really worth the time spending to this novel

-if you are looking to romanized the characters, then this is not the novel you looking for, it is a heavy plot with world building and lot to read, but the novel isn't finished so they will be more to look forward to

-There's a side non-canon that has an nsfw pics. I feel awkward going through Reamus and Marshall lmao, the art of them going at it are amazing is as good as any other backgrounds.

Decisions and Routes

This is the main issue I wanting to talk to the creator, GigaSaddle, I appreciate whether you wanting your plot and interactions to be, because I know it's using lot of times to having many routes

-There are too little interactions we can choose, only two options.

-Most of the decisions didn't do anything further to the plot, only few dialouges are changed. Such as; Anny's nails (I didn't see this one coming because it so random and why do this even a decision), the shadow's accept or reject (why is this an option when rejecting only changed the first few messages), truth or lie being umbral to Everwind (this one I expected the most but he spotted the lie kinda into his character)

-The only interact I see that changes the story is either stay with Alen or Jymsar, further when we chose who to stay with, there's only one decision and just one until it just a whole reading part, and that decision didn't push the story further or change the path anything.

[If you reading this until now, I recommend this novel]


when will the next update drop?


Hi, I have kind of a lore question but I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 appropriate?

Does ejaculate of a watchmen carry the properties of magic suppression tea? :)


In furry logic, anything is possible!

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Downloaded it for the hunky men, kept playing for the excellent writing.

Seriously! This is some of the greatest writing, world building and art I've ever seen in a VN. So good, in fact, I had to create an Itch.io account just to sing its praises. Everything about it is completely enthralling.

This is bl/yaoi? Or have character customization?


Man the game is so immersive and so good that i dreamt about it too lol


I just started this vn and can't figure out whether the backgrounds are filtered real images or not, since they are super detailed and must've taken tons of time to make if drawn.

(this is just me saying the art styles and everything look amazing)


also super small typo near the beginning, wich instead of which

"On the counter lay several bars of barillash soap, some of wich were more or less used up"

Did something happen with the font? The dots aren't showing up properly in the backlog anymore.


I see. I guess the backlog font doesn't have an ellipsis symbol and I never noticed. I'll have to fix that.

Deleted post
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I wonder what will happen at that Umbral meeting in the city. I feel things are going to get complicated, I smell a climax馃槵馃

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yo so, i think you should update your version of ren'py to 8.0.3. Right now, the game doesnt "remember" what youve read between saves. i just think it would help to skip the events that happen in both routes

(does it make sense? god i hope it does)


It should remember and skip sections already, as this has been a ren'py feature for a very long time. It might be an issue with your system or game files. I'd suggest double-checking things on your end, test other ren'py games, check that your save are working correctly, check your skip settings in Preferences.

(1 edit)

i meant like, when you choose a different choice/route (after already reading the other one), the game just thinks its all new text, even if has some of the same text in both routes, that you have already read.

sorryy, hard to explain with ma broken english :v


No worries!

If you choose a different choice, you should always get a chunk of new text adapted to that choice.

There are probably a few lines of text that are duplicated in both routes, which might look like skip isn't working correctly, but for the most part the branching script should be unique to each route.

I'm not sure if you are referring to those small bits of duplicate text, or are encountering larger chunks of unskippable common text, which would be a bug. It might be useful if you can give me some examples of where this happens.

(1 edit)

ok! First one that comes to mind is when (at the Sanctuary) you choose between those two choices when The Puffball (forgot his name 隆-隆) shows his amazing nails. So like, i've played this a few months ago (before 0.16), and I remember him giving Rheamus his little gift to the road. When playing again, after that scene, i remembered that he didnt gave him anything this time, so I tried to go back and choose the other line. After that little scene between them, the skip button didnt want to skip the common text (it being that "fight" with Chilas, which i read before going back), so I had to use the "skip unseen text" to get back to where I was.

Does this help? I kinda didnt finished it yet, so I cant actually say if it happens more times after this (atleast, in the new updates).


Yes, that helps, thank you!

Inside the script those parts should be common text, so it should allow you to skip it if you've been through it already.

Occasionally I go over older parts in the story and make small adjustments, rewording things, updating sprites, or changing transforms. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm guessing that might mess up what ren'py considers seen or unseen text in some situations.

I'll look into it.


Will there be NSFW scenes of Reamus with Jymsar and Jymsar's father?


Probably not


Too bad 馃様

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yo, do you have any social media or place where you post art? started reading again and I cant get enough of it


Yes. I mainly use twitter nowadays, though I upload art to itaku too. I use the same username (gigasaddle) everywhere.


How many routes are available right now? 


There are only two routes.

I'm having trouble loading my save from the last update.

This is probably due to the corrected background in the latest update.

I'd recommend playing the older version, progressing until you no longer see the darker hideout background and saving there, then updating to the new version. If you save in the dream or outside, that should be good.



With each update, I admire the text of the story more and more. It's very beautiful and cool. Thank you for this story 馃挆

Hopeful for the next update鉂わ笍馃檹 Now... I really hope that Jymsar will be okay, I can see him evolving in regards to his thinking about magic, but I can't imagine him really giving up his role in the guard.


oh the storyline is sooo good, I just love the dynamic between those three

Do you have version 0.17 in Portuguese?

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